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P.D.P's Philosophy

At P.D.P we aim to not only guide, but to educate. Built upon the foundations of a "food first approach," we aim to make our client base more aware of the options available, and to understand the reasons behind these. Thus, enabling them to make more informed choices.

P.D.P are proud to educate and guide our wide range of clients from elite athletes, clients returning from injury and those who wish to simply have a well-balanced dietary understanding.

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mari klaup-mccoll.jpg

Mari Klaup - Estonian Heptathlete

Cooperation with Steve has had a huge impact on my athletics career. The nutritional plans that he has created for me has helped me to keep my weight perfectly under control during both training and competition seasons. My energy levels are much higher and I can get more quality out of my training's than ever before.


As a top level athlete I also need additional support from dietary supplements to keep my immune system strong and aid recovery after hard training's and competitions. Steve has given me great knowledge about the types of supplements that are necessary for me specifically and clear instructions on how to use them in the best way. He also customises a dietary plan for each of my combined events competitions, based on the timetable, to make sure I can keep my energy levels up. I can see a huge difference in my competition results now.


In comparison to other nutritionists I have briefly worked with before, I find that Steve has a lot more knowledge and puts great effort into tailoring the nutritional plan to me as an individual, making sure it matches my needs and what my sport requires of me.

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